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Website of the Week - Sally Humphries Lifestyle


Sally Humphries Lifestyle is a fitness and lifestyle consultancy that helps women get back on track professional personal trainers as well as providing exciting classes like ‘Dancercise.’Not only this, they also offer Lifestyle Coaching to ensure that all their clients can get “fit, healthy and live life under control” with all the support they need in the areas of health, fitness and lifestyle. They help women get fit with

With this website, the client wanted to promote a business that was actively supportive towards women. The colour pink was also mentioned from the very beginning, targeting women with a fresh, vibrant and dynamic tone. The client, clearly an experienced businesswoman in a modern world, was also very aware of the importance of Social Media and wanted it to be a key element of the site. As you browse you will notice a Twitter feed, a Facebook feed and a link to the client’s blog!

We took the client’s exciting brief and intelligent feature choices and came up with an eye catching website that represented the client and gave them a voice with which they can now communicate with their consumers, future consumers and anyone in need of their services and support. We tailored this site down to the tiniest detail – even the tiny, unique pink social media icons are a reflection of Sally Humphries Lifestyle.

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Sally Humpries Lifestyle are extremely happy with the end results of the website saying;?? “Friendly service, instant access to someone, very patient staff. Although I couldn't see them it sounded like they did everything with a smile! Excellent web design! I had no idea what I wanted but I wanted something great. My project manager grasped the whole essence of the business and the look and feel I wanted by just a short conversation. I struggled to even give him any examples of websites I liked but he came up with something brilliant.”

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