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Website of the Week - Bacardi Oakheart

Bacardi Martini Ltd is a privately held and family owned spirit brand that is recognised internationally. They sell more than 200 brands and labels in nearly 100 countries world-wide.

This website was specifically made for Bacardi Ireland and features the product, 'Bacardi Oakheart.' Though simply laid out, the unique taste and history of the product is reflected in the atmospheric wooden background and the branded effect of the logo and title.

The Oakheart page is a micro site of Bacardi's Drinks Made Easy website that offers purchasers of their Oakheart drink the chance to redeem glassware in their current instore promotion and features landing pages for 2 of their key brands. These can be seen via:

The client had a very clear idea in mind for this site which we worked very hard to bring to life. They were looking for a way to optimise customer feedback, so, we suggested using a clearly laid out Bespoke Form and a simple yet pleasing layout to appeal to  users. The Integrated YouTube Video also brings media to the viewer, making this page a straightforward and effortless experience for any potential customer. Focus on the product itself was also key in the design brief and as you can see it remains the most vivid element on the page, a visual focal point, and positioned centrally.

Bacardi Ireland are extremely happy with the end results of the website saying;

"I just wanted to say thank you for the support and advice you have given us. You have done an amazing job at getting the website up and running on a tight schedule."

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