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Three customer service principles we live by

At Toolkit Websites, we’re in the design business, which means we’re also in the service business and the education sector. We provide Passionate Support  to back up our fantastic design work so you not only get a great looking, usable website packed with features, you also get the information you need to update the site yourself and super-fast support if you ever run into any problems

We’re very proud of the way we serve our customers, it’s why the largest department of our company is our Passionate Support Team and why our customers stay with us for the long term. Take a look at our comparison page to see what sort of service and support you can expect from Toolkit Websites. 

Here are three principles we live by and which we believe are good practice whatever your business and whatever size it is. We’ve all suffered from bad customer service, often from large corporations whose advertising would have you believe they can’t do enough for you but who leave you lost in a never-ending maze of contact dead ends. 

1 – A speedy response
Nobody likes to be kept waiting. It’s simple good manners to answer calls and emails as quickly as you can.
At Toolkit we’ve made sure our support team are experts in our work and that they’re on call for our customers when they need us. You always take to a real person at Toolkit, with no telephonic hoops to jump through to get to them. We aim to answer all telephone calls within three rings and all emails within the hour. 

2 – Show don’t tell
“Show don’t tell” is the first rule of screenwriting, because movies are a visual medium. The web has made cheap video technology open to everyone. Take a look at YouTube and you’ll find that video tutorials make up a huge slice of the content people upload – it works, that’s why. Websites can be technical and although the industry is now much more open and the public much more web savvy, we’ve dedicated a huge amount of time explaining what we’re doing. 

If our clients need help we use screen capture technology to record videos and screen shots so everything is as clear as possible, even to someone with absolutely no technical knowledge. This allows us to empower our own customers by using the videos and screen shots rather than assuming they will understand written technical instructions.

3 – Frequently asked question
FAQs exist because people do often have the same problems. Sometimes they’re brilliant, sometimes they’re sketchy and poorly thought out and users can feel like they’re being fobbed off. 

We’ve gone a bit further – a lot further in fact – than most FAQ pages. Our support site covers everything from running your site through our content management system, The Toolkit, to offering great advice on Search Engine Optimisation and social media marketing. 

There are more than 300 videos on our support pages – show don’t tell remember – which can be used as a full training course if you need a refresher on your Toolkit lessons. 

With a site from Toolkit Websites you get a beautiful, brilliantly designed web presence whilst getting the help and support you need to allow your website to grow with your business for years to come. We are looking to build relationships with our client’s not just websites.

We look forward to speaking to you, just call one of our team on 02380 633 644 or visit www.toolkitwebsites.co.uk

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