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Mid Month Blog - Why Email Marketing Still Works

How to use email marketing to drive business

Social media marketing grows and grows, but it would be foolish to email as a means of talking to customers and winning their business. Research shows that social media is a major draw on business time while a well-managed email campaign can be both quick and effective. 

Toolkit has its own email marketing suite, Broadcast, which can reach customers for less than 1p per subscriber with unique HTML messages. Broadcast also tracks what happens to your mails, manages lists of subscribers so you can tailor different messages to different groups of clients, and comes with the software tools to make sure your mail is delivered.

Here is a quick top 10 for successful email marketing once you have Broadcast set up.

1 – Links.

The whole purpose of email marketing is to get customers to your site. Make it easy for them with plenty of very visible links. Comm 100, the communications site recommends one link in each paragraph of text with clear instructions to ‘click here’.

2 – Images

However, take it easy on images. Many email programmes will automatically cut images out so they’re wasted on many readers. Use a clear and clean HTML design.

3 – Unsubscribe

Make your unsubscribe option as easy as possible to use. If frustrated readers start to flag your messages as spam you’ll lose reputational points with Hotmail and the like and end up in the trash more often.

4 – Spam

Mail in spam folders is wasted mail. How often do you check yours? Guard your reputation as a sender of genuine mail like a lion. Many of the tools in Toolkit Broadcast will help you stay on the right side of the filters.

5 – Size matters

Look at your mail server’s preview pane and design with that in mind because that’s how most people will see your message. That means 600 pixels wide with a link in the first 100 pixels of height. Toolkit can help you design your email template.

6 – Short and sweet

The key to most effective internet text is brevity. This applies doubly for emails. Divide your text into bullet points or short paragraphs and use colours and typography to highlight important sections. Make sure it carries valuable information too, or you’ll soon be in the trash.

7 – Bad addresses

The percentage of your emails that are successfully delivered will have an impact on your reputation with email providers. Keep on top of your lists, and be realistic about the number of genuinely interested contacts you can reach, to keep your message out of the spam folder.

8 – Test

Before you send out any mailing, test your messages by sending them to accounts in all the major email systems. Toolkit recommends Mozilla’s Thunderbird for your own email, but make sure you’ve checked messages in Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and so on.

9 – Belt and braces

Add a text only version to your message too. If HTML is blocked or your message ends up being viewed on a tiny mobile screen, you won’t be wasting your messages.

10 – Add us!

Every time you mail out ask your recipients to add you to their contact list. Good content will help you get on there, and the more address books you’re in, the higher your delivery rate will be. And, remember that people who add themselves to your email list, via a web form for example, are much more likely to be receptive to your message.

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