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What do your customers see when they walk in the door

Social marketing, email marketing in fact marketing of all sorts can only ever be as good as the shop window they send people to – on the web that means your website. That’s why at Toolkit we recommend our customers give their site a complete revamp every two to three years and offer a special redesign package to make it cost effective.

Your marketing needs to be good, of course, but the centre of all your on line trading, where the browser becomes the customer, is your website

Fashions in design move very quickly – at the moment a very graphical and image heavy look is in – and it’s easy to look out of date. Customers don’t want to spend money with someone who isn’t keeping up with the world. The web has made shopping around so easy that if you don’t grab attention with a good looking site your buyers will have clicked away.

It’s always good practice to look at what your competitors are up to. Take a look at their sites and see if there’s anything you can pick up on. Always be open minded.

And behind a good looking site, there must be a site that works well. Is it easy to find the way to your shop? Are your contact details easy to find on every page? Do all the links work? Encourage friends and family to have a click around your site and give you some honest feedback. Remember what the prime purpose of your site is – selling – and ask yourself how effectively it fills that brief.

You have to move with the hardware too. As more browsers look at the web on small, mobile screens, it’s vital that your site is accessible to them. Toolkit can optimise your site for phones and tablets.

Once you have a site that your business can be proud of, then it’s time to work on getting as many people as possible to see it. Don’t put the social marketing horse before the website cart.

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