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The Call To Action

A good website needs a good call to action. That’s the piece of text, picture or button that encourages visitors not just to look at your site but to start spending with you.

Web hosting company SingleHop has just released some research on what works as a call to action.
Their findings are interesting. Above-the-fold (a term from printing that still lives on in design, meaning in the top half of the screen) calls to action (CTAs) were found to attract much higher (72%) click rates than below-the-fold CTAs (47%).

Buttons provide a 200% better click through rates than text according to SingleHop. Colour is also important, warm colours in the red spectrum create a sense of urgency, while cool, blue colours suggest thought and reflection rather than action.

The size of your call to action is also important. A good clean design means it will stand out, but if your action button is too large it will dominate and distract, if it’s too small it will just get lost. 

An eye-catching shape will also help give your CTA visual appeal that will lead to customers taking action.
You’ll need some text too, of course. SingleHop’s three rules of thumb are “convey value”, “create urgency” and “be direct”. 

Website magazines took SingleHop’s research and went looking for some good examples online. These companies are doing the right thing and may provide inspiration for you and your designers. 

H.Bloom, an online florists, created a Mother’s Day CTA, which worked well. High contrast design made the page stand out and a “shop now” button was both urgent and direct. 

Skype’s CTA made clever use of shapes to make their “join” button an integral part of the overall message and the logical thing for the browser to click on. 

Netflix made the value of their free trial very apparent in their CTA and weren’t shy of shouting about it. The “start your free month” button in red sits right in the centre waiting to be clicked. 

Volusion, who build online shops, offered a free trial, and they did it twice with two friendly orange buttons.
PagePart specialise in mobile websites (something Toolkit does too), and used the word “instantly” with a “go” button to create urgency with some hard-hitting research from Google – “50% of people will leave a website if It’s not mobile-friendly” – to further reinforce the message. 

Toolkit know that the way your page looks is vital to how successful it will be. That’s why we offer a bespoke page dressing service which will include effective calls to actions with great graphics and buttons that demand to be clicked. We’re happy to make as many changes as you want – with no limits – until you get the site that works for your business. You get the template to use for any new pages you add to your site too.

Just call Toolkit today on 02380 633 644 to start revamping your site.

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