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SEO is nothing to fear, but it will take time

If you run any sort of business website, you’ve almost certainly been offered SEO services of some kind. Search Engine Optimisation is here to stay and if you’re serious about getting visitors – and among them customers – to your website, you need to have an SEO plan. It’s nothing to be scared of and there is no magic answer (beware anyone who promises you the top result on Google in three weeks), it’s just a matter of good practice and patience

SEO is designing a site and producing content that works well with search engines. It’s about the way your site is designed – at Toolkit, we’ll ensure your site is search engine friendly – and about the content you produce.

Social media has made massive inroads into how the web works, but if you think about your behaviour online, when you want to find something specific, you’ll probably still go a Googling. And the people who arrive at your builder’s site after typing in ‘good builders in Southampton’, are very likely to become customers. 

Search engines index the web by ‘crawling’ the whole thing. The way they make their assessment of the value of your site to their customers is automatic, so it needs to be designed in a way they understand. Sadly, you could have the most beautiful site on the whole web and be the absolute best in your business, but if Google can’t see you, no-one will come. 

The big engines are constantly updating the way they work with one thing in mind – providing the best answers to the actual questions that their users ask. This is the game you need to be in for good SEO – the days of tricking the engines with low quality, high quantity content are over, you need to provide good, fresh, authoritative, well-written content that answers those questions. 

So, the basics are pretty simple, and you can certainly find a lifetime’s worth of free reading on the subject around the web. 

You can of course get Toolkit to design you a site that Google can work with and take it from there yourself – writing content around the right keywords, keeping on top of the latest Google algorithms, managing a lively social media presence, finding relevant and high quality sites who might be interested in linking to your page, and researching your industry’s hot topics. 

However, you probably won’t have much time left to actually run your business. Seeing results from SEO takes time and effort, you need to be consistent, up-to-date and constantly reactive to the fast-changing world of the web. 

For this reason, Toolkit works with one of the UK’s top SEO companies, who have produced real results for hundreds of our clients and we recommend that you do the same.  

One way you can get started is with our Google analysis of your site, which for less than £50 will provide you with a report on how the biggest engine of them all reads your site and what you need to change to improve that vital relationship

Search engines are massively technical operations and understanding them and then producing the strategies that work best with them takes specialist knowledge – imagine spending all that time working your way to the top of the charts for ‘good builders in Southampton’ only to find that the vast majority of actual buyers of builder’s services use ‘best builder in Southampton’ as their search term. 

SEO is nothing to be scared of, and Toolkit can give you plenty of examples of our customers who are on that all-important page 1 of Google thanks to our design, our knowledge and our relationship with the best copywriters and the best SEO experts. 

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