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How’s your brand?

At Toolkit we deal with a lot of small and one person businesses. The web has given everyone the opportunity to become a personal brand – to share portfolios, to blog, upload CVs and network, network, network. 

Here are some useful tools for managing how you’re represented on the web. They’re perfect for freelancers, but anyone who runs a small business can benefit too – people like to deal with people, it’s why the big brands spend millions trying to personalise their mega corporations and why you have a priceless head start on them

Profiles and portfolios         
Your Facebook or Twitter profile is one online presence. Many online marketers recommend drawing a very strong line between the personal and the professional though, and these tools are aimed squarely at your professional life. 

Behance. This is a portfolio sharing tool, great for designers and other creative professionals. It ties in well with LinkedIn, the business networking site and could help you find work there. Enthuse.me offers a similar service.

About.me lets you manage a very nicely designed profile page, it’s an online CV really, but also lets you know quite detailed information about who’s looking at your profile and why, which could be priceless. 

Customer Relationship Management
CRM can be a headache for small businesses, particularly if you’re struggling to integrate a lot of separate contact books. 

Nimble brings all your contacts, diary management, communication and social media into one platform.
Insightly if for Google users. If you use Gmail, Google Drive and Calendar then this app will bring the whole experience together. 

Zoho is free if there are fewer than three of you using it, which is a great start. It’s got a word processor and database, the facility to collaborate online, and can help you run a whole marketing campaign from inside this single platform. 

On the go
If you have a smartphone you can wreak further havoc on your work life balance with some apps that will keep you in touch with work when you’re away from your desk. 

Skype is now an established part of online business life, and the app will bring its unparalleled networking and communication facilities to your phone

Resume App allows you to tailor your CV to different opportunities very quickly away from the office.

Bump is very clever – you meet a potentially useful contact and with Bump, all you need to do is knock your phones together and, in seconds, you’ve got each other’s full contact details. 

Social Media
LinkedIn is probably the most successful business network – last year they passed 10 million UK users – and if you’re at all interested in successful networking you should be on in. 

HootSuite is a social media management tool which will put all your profiles in one place and let you time your posts and keep a track on who’s talking about you. Most social media marketing companies use HootSuite and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t if you have multiple online presences. Sprout Social does a very similar job, so take a look at both before deciding which is for you. 

Mention monitors social media for the keywords of your choice. This is very powerful – if you’re a designer and track people talking about ‘decorating’ you could be onto new contacts quicker than the competition.
Buffer allows you to share and time posts across your social networks without the centralised dashboard approach of HootSuite or Sprout. You can also use it on your phone and you get plenty of feedback on your posts too. 

Social media is a powerful force today, no business can afford to ignore it any more. Toolkit understand how these powerful platforms work and can help you get started with great looking presences on all the biggest sites that integrate with your main website and will soon have new customers getting in touch. Just call our friendly local team on 02380 633 644 or visit our website to start the conversation.

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