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Google goes it alone with new Chrome

The technicalities of how we view the web aren’t really a problem for most of us. As long as it works, we’re happy. However, Google’s announcement that it’s dumping the WebKit software currently used in its Chrome browser is more than just a shot in the Google v Apple war; it could have an effect for everyone who owns a website.

Apple’s WebKit is out, and Google’s own rendering engine Blink is in. Rendering is part of the process of turning computer code into the visible, visual pages we click on. Both programmes are open source – that is, while they’ve been developed by the two giants of the internet age, they’re available to programmers for free.

This matters, because Chrome is now the world’s most popular browser. The way it sees a webpage is important to everyone who designs or even owns sites. If Chrome can’t look at your page, then you’re going to miss out on millions of potential clicks.

Designers like the team at Toolkit already check the pages they make are visible through the full range of browsers and on mobile platforms.

The web is a wide-open world; FireFox and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer already use their own rendering engines. But this big split means that Apple’s Safari and Chrome – which account for 40% of the browser market – are now entirely separate entities on which pages need to be tested individually.

Some in the industry see this as Google taking a cheap shot at Apple. Google of course, see it differently, (or at least describe it differently) – they say Blink will simplify design and make Chrome a better browser.

Chrome – which is free – is already on version 27, and Blink will appear in about 10 weeks in version 28.

If you own a site, the chances are that nothing will change. Google are not going to produce a browser that renders large parts of the web invisible, no-one would use it. However, designers now have another stage to go through in their testing process.

The best way for page owners to test their sites is to download a copy of all the popular browsers and take a look for yourself. And, it’s something you need to do regularly; all browsers are updated as bugs are spotted.

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