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Google draws level with God!

Google is as trusted as God makes a very good headline, and it’s been the outstanding result from the recently released findings of the Future of Britain Survey, a piece of research from London marketing agency OMD.

The detail is a little more revealing. Respondents to the questionnaire which organisations had their best interests at heart and were asked to choose their favourites. 

Top of the pile on that basis was the NHS. Bottom were politicians, with just 3% of the vote. Google sits level with religious institutions, with 17% of people saying the church and the search had their best interests at heart. 

Down the age range, Google did even better. Twenty-eight percent of 16 to 24-year-olds found the search engine the most trustworthy thing in their lives. This is the future, and your future customers. 

Yet another piece of evidence that knowing how Google works is vital to every business that operates online.
The company’s share of the UK market in searches is extraordinary. In April 2013 it handled 90.55% of UK searches. That figure represented a small rise on March’s figures after some shock horror stories were triggered in January when the search giant’s market share fell below 90% briefly.  

It’s also starting to make big moves in the social media world. Google+ is now the second biggest social network in the world with 343 million active users in January this year. And, of course it owns YouTube, the third most visited website on the planet, which it is cleverly integrating into an all-encompassing Google experience. 

The only other internet name to feature in the Future of Britain chart was Facebook – way down with 9%, the same level of trust as private healthcare companies and just a point better off than lawyers.
Your company’s position in those search results could be a matter of survival. The top result in searches gets more than 40% of all traffic. The first page gets just shy of 90%. If you’re on page two you’re fighting for a share of just 4.37% of traffic. 

Toolkit can help you work with Google. We’ll look at your site in the way Google does; the company has strict rules about how it ranks pages and we’re on top of them all. 

Search Engine Optimisation is still an important facet of the web world, but it’s not about ‘tricking’ Google to rate your site highly, it’s all about following their rules. You need good quality content, regularly updated, on a site that’s designed to make it easy to find. Increasingly, you need a good social media presence too. Toolkit can help you get started onsocial media, put you in touch with the best writers and, of course, design a site that’s user and Google friendly
Give us a call on 02380 633 644 or email info@toolkitwebsites.co.uk, to find out how we can help you. 

Talk to Toolkit and we’ll help you talk to Google.

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