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Don’t make a hash of your hashtags

You want your business's message to be heard on Twitter. That’s tough. You have to find a way to be more interesting to his friends than Dave’s party at the weekend, and eight million pictures of cats.

1 – Why hashtags?

Hashtags are one way to rise above the noise and stand out, but you need to know what you are doing.

A well-designed hashtag can engage your customers. While they only have functionality in Twitter feeds they can be used across all your marketing and promotional materials – consistency is always key in marketing.

2 - How to hashtag

You need to do some research when you come up with your hashtags. Try them out and don’t use something that already has a wide currency or a number of already established meanings that won’t serve your purposes.

Be relevant and be catchy. Use something that rings true to your product or service. Hashtags come pouring out of Twitter, make sure yours is easy to remember. For example, at Toolkit Websites we believe in our Passionate Service Promise so will regularly Tweet and place #passionateservice at the end of our posts.

Keep it short too. With only 140 characters to a Tweet, no one wants to waste 20 on a hashtag. And listen. If your client base turns your hashtag into something of their own, then pay attention to what they’re saying and start using theirs too. This will make you seem responsive.

2 – How to market your hashtags

Stick your chosen hashtag wherever you can and don’t be afraid of repetition. That’s how your hashtag will gain currency and become associated indelibly with your brand. The stronger the association, the more likely that people will use your hashtag to find you.

3 – Using hashtags

You can now use widgets to add tagged conversations to your website. It won’t clog up your own Twitter feed and people can join the conversation without having to follow everyone who uses the tag.

You should also add a dedicated landing page to your website. Make the content there relevant to the tag rather than to your product or service as a whole. They’ve followed the hashtag; this is your way of getting them to engage with you as a business.

Tweet chatting. Make your hashtag into an event. Tweetchats are controlled by you and can open up the conversation around your hashtag. These can be powerful tools – your industry knowledge is a potentially valuable commodity, interested parties (and potential customers) will come flocking.

You can register your hashtags at twubs.com. While it doesn’t stop other Twitter users saying what they like under the tag, it’s a useful way to keep some control of your tag and to find out who’s saying what in your industry.

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