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A personal plus from Google

The two giants of the social media world would appear to be Facebook and Twitter. But slowly growing in the background is Google+ and it could be the one that’s really worth investing your time in.

It’s quite a clever innovation, combining the power of the web’s biggest and best search engine with your personal interests.

Google+ takes that a stage further and also integrates with YouTube and Gmail as well as the hugely important Google maps. With none of the fanfare that has accompanied the media-friendly rise of Tweets and status updates, Google+ is now the second biggest social network on the planet.

In fact, so powerful is Google+ becoming, that if you take look at the way Facebook has been redesigned you’ll see it bears more than a passing resemblance to Google’s social look.

Google+ and your business.

If you have a business, you should really have a Google+ page for it. Straight away you’ll see the effect on your search results. You’ll get even more traction when other Google+ users search for you.

This being Google - owners of the most valuable data in the world - there are a lot of tools available to users to see who’s looking for you, who’s talking about you and so on.

With the system of circles, you can maintain and separate your personal and business life and target the right people to talk to.

A Google+ page in your name and signed blog posts will further boost your search juice - if you’re an expert in your field you’ll start to get recognised as such and your writing will be recommended to searchers. Google’s prime directive is to provide the best search results and you need to be a part of that process and play their game.

Don’t take our word for it. Take a look at the big names that have signed up and follow their lead - this is a ship you need to be on.

As web experts, we at Toolkit know the importance of Google and we can help you understand how it views your website and change it to make it work for you. We’re also experts in social media and offer a number of setup services that will get you up and running with a great looking and effective presence. And we can help you make search engine optimisation of your site an everyday thing.

Just give us a call on 02380 633 644 or email info@toolkitwebsites.co.uk and we’ll start talking you through your options.

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