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Mid Month Blog - Battle of the CMS

Battle of the Content Management Systems

Everyone loves free. The internet has made free a religion, bringing the music industry to its knees in the process. There’s a great deal to be said for this avalanche of mostly well-intentioned largesse, but nothing’s really free and the price you pay could be your website’s security which will be measured on your business’ bottom line.

WordPress is one of the great successes of the free web. By the end of 2011, this content management system (CMS) – originally a blogging platform – had notched up more than 65 million downloads and is now said to be behind 16% of the web.

Many of the small business websites you see use WordPress as their frame. That’s down to the programme’s many strengths – ease of use, adaptability and, above all, price – which unfortunately are also its weaknesses.

Here at Toolkit we don’t use a free, open source CMS because we believe our own in-house system is stronger, better protected and more usable of the best out there. It’s something we’ve invested in, we control it and can perfectly tailor it to your needs. 

The first problem with WordPress is that it comes with limits. If your site is going to need lots of pages – that’s separate addresses – then WordPress might not be for you as it struggles with big sites.

Experts also warn that plugins don’t work well with WordPress. Plugins are mini pieces of software that work in a larger programme, for example a download that adds a search box to the toolbar on your web browser.

However, the biggest WordPress weaknesses are fundamental to the collaborative way it was developed and its huge popularity.

WordPress was made in the cloud, and that’s where you’re going to have to shout for help if there’s a problem with the software. Good luck.

It’s adaptable, yes, maybe too adaptable. Google WordPress plugins and you’ll get more than 50 million results.

An in-house CMS like the Toolkit has one set of authors, who’ll design the product to your specifications and are at the end of a phone line when you need help. Toolkit also provide limitless, ongoing training in using the Toolkit to update your site.

Finally, hackers love WordPress. This isn’t the fault of the WordPress company. They’re praised in the industry for the speed with which they release patches to deal with security issues. The problem is they’re then relying on millions of people to download and install these patches, and it just isn’t happening. The whole ethos of WordPress is that people can play with the code, and not everyone plays nicely.

Internet security is starting to get nasty. A virus won’t just ruin your site for a while and harm your Google rankings, if we follow the current trend of the States, it could see you in court.

Free, open source CMSs undoubtedly have their plus points, but look at a custom-made version from Toolkit before you choose.

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