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Guides to web design: functionality and impact.

Web design is a constantly changing business, nothing in history has ever moved as fast as the web, and at Toolkit we are always working to keep on top of the latest developments.

Here are a few expert tips on the latest trends in small business design.

1 – Functionality is key

The prettiest site in the world is no good if people can’t use it. Some things are pretty much written in stone, the navigation menus should be at the top or left hand side of the page for example. Sites that are difficult to use won’t attract repeat visitors. And with more internet use going mobile, you should certainly make sure that your site works well on a tablet and mobile phone. Ask Toolkit about our mobile optimisation service.

2 – High Impact

The latest trend is for very simple, high impact marketing sites – often just one video and one button to click that will take you to the main site.

You may not be able to set up a separate site in this way, but you can adopt the high impact look. Images are getting bigger and more important and you can certainly use that in the look of your site – the more personal and engaging they are the better.

Rebecca Swift of iStockphoto recommends splitting the images you use into two categories. The first should be impactful and something only you can produce. The second – less important images – can be used on blog posts and the like and may be stock images, but can still be adapted to suit the style of your site, perhaps with framing or cropping.

Sometimes, however, you can use too many images. Stock uses the example of luxury brands, which use fewer images but make sure they are strongly reflective of their brand.

3 – Show me the money terms

Gavin Cockerill, managing director of Flyerzone, is a big fan of Google Analytics as a means of tracking the people who use your website. That’s something that Toolkit can help you with, just get in touch if you’d like to find out more about how we can get on you the right side of the web’s search giant.

Cockerill recommends finding the ‘money terms’ that people who actually spend money with you use to find your site and concentrating your marketing efforts on them.

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