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You must think like Google and ignore Google

Why you must think like Google and ignore Google

If the internet has a god, it is Google. There’s a reason why Google is at the top of the internet’s food chain, it’s because the company vastly improved the way searchers could find information, and that’s the business they remain in.

Google solved a problem that had stumped previous search engines. Marketers were desperate to get their pages to the top of the search rankings, by any means necessary. The development of search engine optimisation, or SEO, meant searchers were soon being directed to poor quality websites that had learned the way the search engines worked and got to the top of the rankings by stuffing their pages with the right keywords.

Google fine tuned their methods and used ‘off page factors’ to determine whether a site was of use to their searchers. Essentially, they used links to pages, and then links became the currency of the SEO industry.

This might be academic, but it contains an important lesson to any business that operates online. Learn Google’s rules and live by them. And Google’s rule number one is that they have to give their searchers the best possible experience.

This rule also applies to Adwords, Google’s advertising system. This means that if you run an Adwords campaign, you need to bear Google-think in mind because they apply the same thinking to ads as they do to all other search results.

Google has two sets of customers, the ones who pay them for advertising and the ones who use their page to search. Of these, the second group are far more important to.

So what can small businesses learn from the Google commandments.

1 – Think like Google

Google know that their billion-dollar empire is based on very shaky ground. Setting a new home page is the work of a second and if someone comes along who can provide a better search experience then the world will flood to their page.

Google’s two over riding rules for advertising are:

The ad must answer the question the searcher asks, and,
The page to which it is linked must be high quality.

The advertisers fee comes after that.

2 – Ignore Google

It sounds like a contradiction, but once you’re aware of Google’s defining rule, you need to forget the search engine and think about the searcher.

Google changes its rules periodically, and it’s a good idea to keep your eye on what they’re doing via their very informative blogs. High quality content has recently risen in ranking importance, as has social media.

However, the best way to succeed with Google is to ignore it, and certainly don’t try to fool it or you could end up on the end of what has become known in the industry as a ‘Google slap’. Provide good quality content – and advertising - that is relevant to your business, that is easy to find and that answers the questions that people ask.

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