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Read me! Five tips to get your content read

The wonderfully named Custard online marketing agency has published a nice guide to getting your content read.

It starts with a frightening number (which is already massively out of date): your website was just one of 644 million active sites last year. That’s an awful lot of content.

Much of that content will be terrible, you’ve probably seen some of it yourself, but some of it will be great but ignored.

Custard came up with five tips to insure that your content is both high quality and highly visible and working for your business.

The first is to find a niche and to become an expert in it. We’ve talked before about the way Google is changing how it ranks content, and large quantities of badly focused content just don’t cut it any more. Become an expert in your field and readers will want to hear from you. You can use the Google Authors programme to further boost your rankings and establish your expertise.

Secondly, Custard recommends engaging with your readers. Toolkit can help you set up a blog where you can respond to comments and start to talk with your customers. Be warned, this is the web, and you’ll almost certainly come up against some mindless and even unpleasant criticism. You won’t be alone. Don’t let that put you off, and keep engaging with your audience. It’s a fair bet that if Shakespeare, Leonardo Da Vinci and Einstein were somehow miraculously reincarnated as a combined super brain and started to publish online, the first comment under their work would be, “ure an idyot”.

Custard recommends interacting with all your commenters, always thanking them for their input, and to include a call to action at the end of all your content to get things started. Publishing to a regular schedule helps people find you more easily.

A good title is Custard’s next tip. Newspaper headline writing is an art and it’s something you should try to learn – amidst all those billions of pages you need something smart and snappy, honest and entertaining to make a reader stop and take the time to read beyond the top line.

Fourth in the Custard top five is Search Engine Optimisation. This isn’t a matter of tricking search engines, but learning to think how they – and their users - do. There’s a lot you can do yourself to optimise your content for the search engines. Keywords are important, as are common search terms – answer the questions that people are asking – and you should bear this in mind whenever you write web content.

Toolkit can help you with SEO too, from content tips to an analysis of how search engines view your site. Just get in touch.

Take every chance you can to promote what you write too. If you’re not linking to your site on your own Facebook, Twitter or Google+ profiles then it’s pretty certain that no-one else will either. These are free and easy ways to share your good news, don’t neglect them.

Custard’s final tip is to make yourself useful. Sometimes this can seem counterintuitive, as it involves telling people for free what you’re going to try to charge them for. But sharing the tricks of the trade and producing good quality how to guides in your speciality is a great way to establish that you know what you’re talking about and will only show you and your site in a positive light.

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