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5 stereotypes you should avoid

 Five social stereotypes your business should avoid

Social media marketing has so many positives for small and medium sized businesses – it can be virtually free and it’s the ideal forum for showcasing the things that the big companies can never match you for, passion and personality.

However, it also involves a bit of thought and the cultivation of some skills. Ask Toolkit about our social media services. We can help get you started with profiles across all the most important social media sites that will soon be sending customers to your website.

This fun list, from Boston, picks out five negative social media stereotypes it’s a good idea to avoid like the plague in your social media marketing business dealings – they’re probably not very attractive on personal pages either, but that’s another thing entirely.

1 – The Needy Whiner.

Always needing reassurance and attention, this insecure type is a real turn off. Avoid it on your business profiles. Don’t beg for likes from your friends or fans, if you do get them they’ll arrive at your page already resenting you. The personal and professional are bound to cross on social media – it’s the sort of medium it is – but the best way to attract new fans who will actually support your brand is with useful, interesting or entertaining content, not because you went to school with them.

2 – The Snob

Don’t festoon your social media profiles with jargon and smart-looking buzzwords, you’ll come across badly. And, don’t boast or be tempted to slag off the competition, it’s simply unattractive. If you have the better product or service then you need to demonstrate that, not just shout it. That way you’ll win genuine supporters and avoid mutually destructive slanging matches.

3 – Too Much Information

You will almost certainly have personal friends on social media who fit this stereotype. Everything – no matter how tasteless – is shared in all its excruciating detail. That’s fine; in fact, a whole coming generation of digital natives may well grow up with the Facebook wall as the equivalent of the school bike sheds. However, don’t let your business fall into this category. Draw some lines and stick to them. Insider information is best kept for insiders – do we really care if the companies we use are 15% up in sales this quarter? And keep your politics, sporting allegiances and hobbies to yourself on your personal page unless they’re actually relevant to the business you are in.

4 – Out Of Control

For sole traders who are what they do, this can be tricky, but it is worth sticking to if you can. Keep your personal life and professional life separate online. Your lunch, your night out, your broken heart; all are of limited interest to someone who wants to employ you or buy what you sell.

5 – Where Did You Go?

Leave ‘em wanting more is a showbiz clich√© that has no place on social media. Social media marketing is all about conversations, so don’t start one and then wander off – it’s rude for one thing and will leave your customers looking for someone else to talk to. Create content that inspires engagement and then engage. If you can’t, or won’t, commit to that it’s probably better not to get involved in social media in the first place. Post regularly, but not so frequently that you become an irritating noise, and think about everything you post.

These tips should help you engage successfully with your social media fans, friends and followers. If you’d like help with getting started with these exciting sites then give Toolkit a call on 02380 633 644 and ask about our social media services.

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