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The most important panda on the web

The most important panda on the web

It’s not some viral video of the lazy, cuddly Chinese bears doing something unbearably cute. No, the most important panda on the web lurks somewhere in Google’s HQ in California and has a say in deciding whether browsers find your site or not.

Google’s massive dominance in the search engine market is dependent on providing good results for searchers. It’s a precarious position, it only takes a couple of clicks for the world to set a competitor like Bing as their home page, so Google are constantly working to improve their search processes.

Working against Google are the ‘black hat SEO’ merchants. Search Engine Optimisation is the techniques that sites can use climb up the search rankings. The guys in the black hats are essentially trying to trick Google’s software into ranking the sites that pay for their services whether or not they provide a good answer to a search query. You may have encountered their work if you’ve ever landed on a page that is nothing but links, or is stuffed with a nonsensical blizzard of keywords – “cheap plumber in Southampton”, for example.

Google’s two latest updates, Panda and Penguin, have had a huge effect on the web and got the SEO industry buzzing, according to some pundits they may even have killed SEO off.

That’s almost certainly overstating things, but Penguin and Panda have certainly changed the emphasis, which is now on high quality, unique content, written with authority.

In previous blogs we’ve advised on SEO techniques. It’s simple enough, keep your content high quality and useful and don’t try to trick the engines – they don’t like it. Any business online that thinks it can beat Google is going to find there is only one winner.

Learning how Google works is a vital part of any web designer’s work and it’s something we try to keep on top of constantly at Toolkit Websites. 

If you receive our newsletter, you’ll know that we can now offer a new Site Analysis Reporting service that uses our Google knowledge to look at your site in the same way that the all-seeing god of the web does.

We will crawl your site in exactly the same way that Google’s spiders do, looking at the coding, content and layout.

We’ll check how well your social media and other links back to your site that should help boost its ranking are performing. The Site Analysis Report will check if the layout is user-friendly – a key Google rating – with clear navigation and good internal links.

The result will be a simple, easy to understand score for your site and, crucially, what you can do to improve your rankings.

If you are interested in putting your website through our Site Analysis Report please get in touch with us on 02380 633644 or email us on support@thetoolkit.co.uk.

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