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Social media in thirty minutes

If social media is getting on top of you, there’s an interesting post at Search Engine Journal on how you can get some of your time back with five software and online tools. And, they’re all free, at least to start with.

The list, by Christopher Jan Benitez, promises you can deal with all your social media in just 30 minutes a day, which, if it’s true is great news for the many businesses research suggests are finding the plethora of platforms a time sink.

At the top of the list is Hootsuite, which Bentiez calls ‘one of the most useful social media tools out there’. Hootsuite lets you manage up to five social media streams through just one interface. It also allows you to time updates, posts and tweets so they appear online while you’re busy doing something more useful.

Next up is InboxQ, which can be used in conjunction with Hootsuite or your web browser to find people who may become customers. It works by allowing you to define keywords related to your business and it’ll scour Twitter for you finding the people who are asking questions which your product can answer for them.

Third is Commun.it, a tool which aims to filter out the Twitter followers who it’s worth spending time on. Tweeters who mention your business’s name are sorted out and you can also use keywords to find users who might be after your services. The free version of this tool has a limit on usage, but you may want to stump up for the full version if your experiments with it prove successful.

Joint fourth choice for Benitez are the social search tools Topsy and Social Mention, which he recommends as tools to ‘augment positive feedback’. Topsy’s free service is a teaser for it’s full, paid-for analytics, and it allows to you interact directly with Twitter on its search page. Social Mention offers trending topics and a quick guide to the character of comments: for example, my Abraham Lincoln search gave the president an 11% strength rating, a 4:1 positive to negative sentiment ratio, a 79% passion score and a 79% reach.

If these tools really can cut social media down to a manageable half-an-hour a day, then many businesses will be very grateful to Mr Benitez, whose post you can read in full here.


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