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Mid Month Blog - Six Top Website Tips

Don’t just let it sit there – how to keep your website working for you.

So, you’ve got a beautiful website that perfectly represents your business and is easy as pie to use. Job done, right? No, job started. A static website will soon disappear in cyber space. But keeping your site vital and lively isn’t difficult; it’s a brilliant way to talk to new and existing customers and can even be great fun.

Here are six simple rules for keeping on top of your online presence.

1 – The Name Game

It’s worth putting some effort into choosing your domain name. Google, Skype and Firefox are three great examples of naming perfection. They’re short, catchy and unique. Use a name that reflects your business; if you sell kites, put kites in the name.

Google your name, the fewer results the better. Don’t be too clever, Google has recently clamped down on misleading urls that mimic search terms.

2 – Content, Content, Content

Google constantly improves how it searches for and orders its results. Good quality, well-structured, authoritative content is now king. Your customers will appreciate it too. Remember how easy it is to click away from your site so keep things short and to the point as well as engaging.

3 - Lost in the Woods

Make sure the design of your site makes finding that content easy. Layout should be clear and light on clicks for the visitor. Don’t fall for gimmicks. A real world shop would never ask its customers to jump through hoops, and you shouldn’t online.

Toolkit’s Page Dressing service will give your site the once over with a professional’s eye to sharpen up your layout and provide you with a template you can replicate across all your pages. 

4 - Easy on the Eye

People navigate the web with their eyes, so looking up to date is important. Image-led design is very in at the moment, but always check the copyright of pictures you use.

By far the fastest growth in web use is browsing on mobile devices, so as well as visiting your site with all the common browsers, check it out on smart phones and iPads too.

Toolkit’s designers can refresh and redesign or start from scratch to give you a stunning site. We offer logo design services, headers and sidebars for each page, and much more as part of our bespoke design service.

5 - Searchers

You need Google to know where you are. Follow all their rules and keep on top of how they change them. Links are now less important, but good quality ones still count, and social media is playing a bigger role in how Google indexes sites and orders search results. Keep on top of your social media presence and integrate it with your site as fully as possible.

Toolkit offers a full social media service so you can manage Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Blogger without compromising your brand identity.

6 - Never stand still

Keep moving or die. Use a blog, Twitter and Facebook to tell your customers what you’re up to and direct them to your site. Email marketing is still a cost-effective means of tempting visitors back when you’ve got something new to offer.

Toolkit will set up your blog so that all you need to do is type and can design eye-catching email templates that will get your customers clicking through to your site.

Get in touch with Toolkit Websites, web design Southampton, Hampshire, UK and see how we can help your business grow.