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Website of the Week - Williams Shipping

Williams Shipping are a company with multiple facets. The website we have chosen this week is the redesign for the Marine facet. As a company that has been in business for over 100 years, Williams Shipping offer many marine services, such as workboat chartering and safety boats.

The main focus of this website is to showcase the different services the company offers, which is shown in the use of an orange accent colour. This accent is used to highlight the parts of the website that are most important, almost like a call to action.

The website has bespoke page dressing created for its Home, Equipment Charter, Media, Contact and About pages. These all follows the same colour scheme as the previous website, but the intricate wireframe work allows for a more sleek and professional design.

Williams Shipping also purchased Pro Pack. This allows them to have dropdowns on their menu (which, again, are styled accordingly) as well as the functionality to have a different header per page. This, like the page dressing, gives the website a more professional feel.