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Website of the Week - Ascot Sign Systems

The latest Website of the Week is another redesign. This refresh of the Ascot Sign Systems website really pushes the boundaries of our platform, which is what we do with all of our redesigns, but this one is particularly unique due to the bespoke coding work.

As a long standing company founded in 1938, Ascot Sign Systems have been through many a change in all aspects of their business. In order to move fluidly with the changing market, a redesign was crucial for the growth of the organisation.

The main feature of the website is the changing background images. This is something that required a lot of bespoke work and coding to get the result you can see on the website now.

The client also purchased an upgrade to have an additional five pages on their website. This gives them more flexibility when adding content to their website going forward, as well as being integral to the redesign process.

A bespoke form was also included in their redesign, which meant that they could customise the enquiry form on their Contact page to include the extra fields that were necessary for their website.

Another feature included on the new website is a private login area. This allows their clients to become members of the website and view pages only visible to people that have logged in.