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Pinterest business account

Social media is a fluid environment businesses need to be nimble to keep up with the latest development. This year that’s meant joining Pinterest, the online scrapbook and image sharing site that’s shooting up the user number rankings at an impressive rate. On December 9, the Obama Whitehouse signed up for the site, which is a marker of sorts.

Another development is the site’s launch of business accounts. Lots of businesses already use Pinterest and it’s a natural fit for things like fashion and interior design.

John Brand of Inc.com has some useful tips on how to use the site to interact with customers.

The first is to put some time in and focus on the best Pinterest users, who get the most followers and repins of their images.

Secondly, take advantage of the site’s simplicity. It’s already a design classic so don’t mess with it. Brand cites some impressive figures for extra web traffic driven to business home pages from Pinterest.

Thirdly, don’t forget to integrate with the ‘real’ world. Promote your Pinterest page in your premises and promote your premises on your Pinterest page. You should also promote this new social medium through the existing ones – send Facebook users to Pinterest when its supremely visual style is the best fit for your message.

Fourthly, daily pins are a great tool says Brand. A memorable slogan or design will get you plenty of views and repins.

Don’t be too self-interested is the next tip. Experienced users reckon that boards which are just about selling aren’t popular, so if you see something that another company is doing and you like it, then pin it.

Number six is to do a bit of piggybacking. It’s a technique that’s familiar from Twitter and it seems to work here too, so follow the most popular boards in your business area.

Tip seven from Brand is to be selective and stay true to your business brand.

Recent research on social media suggests that businesses are already struggling to keep up with the demands of their online presence so adding another should be considered carefully. But if you’re an image-led business and have lots of female customers then Pinterest could be a valuable new focus for your business.

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