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Five Social Media Tips

The proliferation of social media platforms is a challenge to businesses who need to focus their marketing effort where it will have most effect, while avoiding getting bogged down in the detail of using these powerful interactive platforms.

Scott Lake founded Source Metrics, a social media platform that aims to simplify social media marketing and in the process produce real return on investment.

He’s come up with five simple core concepts for managing your social media marketing.

1. The first thing Lake advises is to set clear, defined and measurable goals for your campaign. Decide what you want your social media marketing campaign to achieve and how you will measure whether it’s achieved them or not. Sales leads generated, he says, are a good solid way of measuring a campaign’s success.

2. Secondly, you should make sure you’ve got something to give your customers in return for their email address or Facebook ‘like’. A free gift is great, of course, but if you can inform, entertain or otherwise engage your audience that can be enough too. Pick something that will dovetail to your own product though; that way you’ll interest the right people – everyone wants a free cinema ticket, but do they also want your product.

3. Your campaign’s landing page is key. This is where your potential customers arrive after clicking your marketing link and it’s where interest is converted into solid information so it’s worth taking some time over its look and feel. Lake recommends designing your own page rather than using Facebook itself and even designing a different page for clickers arriving from each social media platform.

4. At number four, we’re ready to launch. Lake advises promoting your offer with more traditional marketing techniques – there’s no reason a print advert can’t send people to your Facebook page. Email lists he says are still great marketing tools – try putting a link to your homepage at the end of an email newsletter and, according to Lake, be amazed at the upsurge in traffic. Again, he recommends tailoring your campaign to each social media site, both as a means of keeping your message fresh and as a testing bed for different posting styles.

5. Finally, Lake recommends the use of shortened links to track the success of your campaign. Shortened links customised to each part of your campaign, or the platform on which you post it, will allow you to measure the effect of all your hard work. And, you should react to this information as it arrives says Lake – if a particular posting time, social platform or message style is working use this information to cash in.

Lake is pretty clear about what the potential results of a successful social media campaign are. He writes: “These leads are the most valuable data your brand will encounter: You need to treat them with the utmost respect and strategically lead them through your sales cycle.”

You can find Scott Lake on Twitter as @scottica. 

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