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Five Twitter Marketing Tips

Twitter can be a great way of connecting your business with existing customers and promoting your services and products to a large audience covering many demographics and several nations. To help you market your business effectively, we have put together a few tips to help you engage with your current and potential customers.
1. Follow wisely. Following others is a good way to increase your own twitter followers but in addition to potential and existing customers, you should always try and follow other important individuals and businesses in your industry. You may have difficult finding the relevant twitter members to your business, but there are several sites such as We Follow which will allow you to search for keywords relating to your business. Don’t just follow these individuals, try and converse with them on occasion whether it’s commenting on a tweet by them, asking a question or sharing a thought.
2. Tweet wisely. The beauty of Twitter is that anybody can tweet whenever they want and as often as they want, but this has unfortunately led to a lot of businesses throwing out an endless stream of promotional tweets. However, when it comes to Twitter it’s a case of quality over quantity so make sure that instead of hundreds of links you post useful, interesting content that twitter users would be interested in reading about - whether in the form of links or just updates.
3. Track the success of your links. Twitter automatically shortens normal links so that you don’t use up too much of your 160 characters, but by using sites such as bit.ly you will be able to view more in-depth statistics on each individual link such as the number of people who have clicked on it. This will give you the opportunity to assess the success of that particular tweet and see what methods work best when marketing on your twitter.
4. Don’t slack off. This is easier said then done because when you’re having a busy few days or you’ve got other things on your mind, you may well forget to keep updating your Twitter. Try to post at least once a day, even if that post is just about the weather or about why you’re not able to Tweet much - it instills confidence in your potential customers and gains you credibility, not to mention the possibility that these tweets may directly or indirectly lead to new customers.

5. Make sure you’re reaching the right demographic. It’s all well and good posting regularly and in an engaging manner, but if you’re doing so to a random selection of individuals who would have no interest in your products or services, what’s the point? For many online stores your target demographic may be quite all-encompassing, but the vast majority of businesses will have a specific target demographic in mind. There are several websites such as the previously mentioned We Follow which can help connect you with potentially interested customers as well as other relevant businesses but you can also search manually for interested individuals and follow them first. Searching related keywords on twitter will bring up people who are talking about these kinds of items and then follow them. 

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