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Blogging tips from the top of the Google mountain

Mitt Romney and Barack Obama might think they’re battling to become the most powerful man in the world, but Matt Cutts, Google’s Head of Webspam has the online marketing world at his fingertips already.
Mr Cutts is the man tasked with making sure what you type into that Google search box is reflected accurately in the results. His enemies are the web’s spammers, link sellers and black hat SEO operators all desperate to cheat their site into the Promised Land that is page one of search results.
The way Google works – and one of the reasons it has become the search engine of choice – is a fearsomely complex world of mathematical algorithms and analysis.
This month Cutts spoke about a new Google search algorithm called Penguin. Penguin has been released across the web and it’s wiping out dodgy guest blogging as an SEO tactic. 
Guest blogs are often used by online marketers to bombard search engines with positive inbound links to a site. But Penguin is spotting – and marking down – links from duplicate or near duplicate blogs posted across the web.
But it’s not the end for guest blogging, as long as it’s high quality. This is good news for good authors, whose subject knowledge is now being recognised by Google and flagged up to searchers.
The web is a fast moving world and Google is constantly updating its methods to stay ahead of the black hats. Cutts – speaking on Google radio – also revealed a new algorithm is aimed at exact match domain names. These sites try to gain ranking by using a common search term – www.lotterysecrets.com say – as their site name. Cutts says his new tool will mark these sites down if their content isn’t up to scratch.
Good content is the lifeblood of any search engine. It’s getting harder and harder to ‘trick’ the likes of Google, meaning quality content is increasingly the best way to get a site up the rankings.
Anyone with an interest in online marketing ought to be listening to Mr Cutts.

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