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LinkedIn’s new look

Perhaps just as important for business users is the announcement by the site on September 16 that they had hit 10 million registered UK members. According to LinkedIn that means four out of five British professionals are registered on the network. 

The company says the redesign is part of a general simplification of the site. LinkedIn says it will make it easier for users to find out about the companies they connect with and companies will have more power to build relationships with their fans.  

Users will now find a company updates stream, rather like a Facebook news feed, allowing you to comment or share the latest news. To the right are job opportunities – a major use of the network – and the company’s products. 

This being 2012, we also get the obligatory news that company pages are now fully iPad, iPhone and Android compatible. 

So what’s in it for companies? Well, it’s easier for them to add a smart cover picture. The update stream is now targeted to the interests of the individual site members who view it. The cleaner look and navigation, says LinkedIn, will improve how companies ‘showcase their company’s products, services and career opportunities to members’. 

Another improvement available to just some big companies so far (American Express and Expedia for example) is a more visual branding of their job opportunity pages. 

And there’s more to come. Mike Grishaver, of the site which was launched in California in 2003, wrote: “We are just getting warmed up and look forward to sharing more news as we continue to improve Company Pages and roll out the experience to all companies later this year.”

With 175 million members around the world and burgeoning revenues LinkedIn seems to have found a way to make social networking pay. While basic profiles are free, members pay for additional features. 

But should you or your business be on the site? Plenty of people seem to think so, and this recent article from the Guardian (who were selling training in the site’s use) lists some of the reasons to consider it.


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