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Is Adobe Social The Answer For Social Media Marketing?

Every business in the land is busily tweeting away and updating their Facebook pages. But is all this social media activity actually winning any new customers and paying back at the bottom line? A new software tool from Adobe hopes to measure just that.

Adobe Social, which was released Thursday, September 6, claims to make the jump from gauging your apparent marketing success in Facebook likes or Twitter followers to finding out who’s clicking and spending as a result of your social media promotional campaigns.

Adobe Social lets you centralise all your social media campaigns through one simple drag and drop interface, publishing your content across Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and any other social networks you use.

Once you’ve published your content, the software will let you know what’s getting people talking so you can cash in with adverts or sponsored stories. It’ll even let you automate the process.

Further analysis will tell you whose support is actually worth cultivating and will result in real sales.

While having thousands of followers on Twitter looks great - and thus far has been one of the only ways of measuring influence - you may find that one of your fans with far fewer followers actually brings in more sales. “We are more interested in measuring actual influence as it relates to your bottom line over potential evangelism,” as Adobe put it themselves.

The software will also integrate with a number of other Adobe products so your social media marketing can fit into the bigger marketing picture too.

“Social media is no longer an experiment and it is time for social to grow up,” writes Adobe Social Product Marketing Manager Lawrence Mak in his launch blog.

It’s very early days in the real world for Adobe Social after a long beta testing, but CMS Wire cites All Facebook’s ‘strongly positive review’, picking out the ‘extremely user-friendly interface’ and the easy to understand results from the undoubted ‘treasure trove of data on social campaigns’.

You can view some video demonstrations here.

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