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Growing Your Business With LinkedIn

For those of you that don’t already know, LinkedIn is the Facebook of the business world. A LinkedIn profile is the new business card, and has become as common amongst any business owner, manager or employee’s career as a traditional business card - if not more so. Enabling individuals of all levels to showcase their personal and professional skills, promote their company, pursue partnership opportunities and network with other likeminded individuals, LinkedIn has over 150million members in over 200 countries (as of 9th February 2012). It’s growth has been exponential and it’s staff-base has quadrupled in less than two years, a testimony to the popularity and reach that the site has across the globe.
For the small business owner, LinkedIn can be a tool of unprecedented power in order to obtain new customers and contracts and even reach whole new markets. The first step in doing so is to set yourself a profile, which is essentially like an online CV. It gives you prompts but make sure you try and fill it in as detailed as possible, this just adds more credibility as well as giving an idea of the level of your expertise. It also allows you to link to your website and twitter, if you have these make sure you do so as it’s a great way of promoting them.
Once you have set your profile up with details of your current business and the products or services you offer, it’s time to add some connections. The first step would be to add anybody you have spoken with in relation to your business, done business with in the past, has worked for you and even your friends and family. If they have had an involvement with you in a business capacity, ask them to give you a “recommendation” for either the business you have now or a past position. A recommendation is exactly what it sounds like and is essentially a couple of sentences written by an individual about there experience working with you as either a colleague, a boss/employee, a partner or a client.
Now technically you’re not supposed to add people you don’t know on LinkedIn but the reality is that the whole point of networking is connecting with people you hadn’t previously known, so don’t be afraid to really get adding people who you feel may be interested in your services or where you’re interested in theres, or perhaps individuals that you feel could help your business in other ways. As well as searching for relevant individuals, also try and search for relevant groups, whether it’s broader business networking groups such as “The Small Businesses Group” or more specific groups to your business, for example “Internet Marketers Group” or whatever is related to your business, products and/or services. These are another great way to meet people who you would benefit from connecting with and the group enables you to discuss anything at all whether it’s about your business, your industry, the economy or even less business-related topics.

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