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Tips for Your Company Google Maps Profile

Google maps can be a great addition to your online marketing arsenal if you have a fixed address, but only if it is used correctly. You may read things online declaring some marvelous strategy or companies offering a revolutionary system (for just a small five figure upfront payment) guaranteeing you will be top of all google related services forever and ever, but the truth is that like all aspects of internet marketing it comes down to time and effort. You don’t need to be a internet marketing expert, but you do need to be willing to spend the time learning about the different techniques and pitfalls, and subsequently increasing your websites presence online.
In Google maps, there are various commonly used techniques which may have a short term positive impact on your website traffic but the potential problems that can arise may lead to your website being blacklisted by Google entirely. One such problem is the overuse of keywords, known as keyword spamming. Keywords are an essential part of internet marketing but the generally accepted rule of 1-2% keyword density can sometimes be breached excessively, and in this case you can risk the harsh consequences of the Google masters. So when it comes to writing your descriptions and your website content, make sure you are not exceeding 1 keyword for every 50 words used.
Overuse of keywords may be risky, but an arguably bigger mistake is failure to use the right keywords. The keywords are the important terms that relate to your business, so when selecting them try and think of words that your potential customers may search for. Focus not on the name of your business but the products or services themselves, as it is these words that your target audience will likely be searching for.
Often the first port of call when marketing your website online is to enlist it in Google maps and on the search engines. However, there are hundreds of online directories online from small local sites to larger national ones such as Yell, many of which you can obtain a free basic listing on. By having a listing on other online directories, Google maps will verify your details when scanning other directories and index your submission much quicker.
One of the simplest mistakes to avoid, and yet one of the most common, is a failure to fill out the details requested by Google correctly and accurately. Not all the fields will be mandatory but it is essential to the success of your Google maps listing that you fill all the fields in with as much detail as Google allows, covering every aspect of your business that you may submit. By having a 100% complete profile, your listing will not only be guaranteed to be indexed fully but will also increase the chances of your website coming up in searches for the various potential search terms.

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