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Facebook launches new Deals application

We all like to get a good deal, and finding one may just have got easier. Facebook has announced a new application called ‘Deals’, allowing brands to offer promotions directly to customers through the Facebook site.
Users who ‘check in’ to locations using the mobile version of the social network can see all the local businesses nearby offering a deal. This can range from discounts to free merchandise, loyalty schemes to meal deals.
Imagine that while looking for a place to eat lunch, you could see offers from restaurants nearby on your phone. Or you’re after a new wardrobe; the application could tell you all the shops offering discounts! It’s the ideal tool to get customers in through your doors.
Big names such as Starbucks, O2 and YO! Sushi have already signed up meaning Facebook Deals is an application worth embracing for any business owner. Perhaps your customers could be missing out on your latest deal because it’s not on Facebook Deals? Maybe your clients are just waiting for your merchandise to appear on their phone!
It all sounds very promising, and with Foursquare and Google offering similar services this is a competitive market already. So potentially this could be great for companies and customers alike!

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