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Thousands of Business Websites Go Down - Get Premium Hosting Now

Thousands of business websites have gone down today due to an administrative error, making it more important than ever to use a premium, business class domain name service for your company website.

Tech news blog, the Register are reporting that Talk Talk have apparently let a domain name used by thousands of people lapse. The ukgateway.net domain name was acquired by Talk Talk when they bought up UK Gateway, a company that provided websites for both businesses and personal use on the ukgateway.net domain name.

As the Register says:
“Those sites probably haven't gone altogether, but without the Domain Name Server entries which turn written addresses into IP numbers they are inaccessible.”

Here at Toolkit Websites, we host our websites on our top notch website hosting service that has seen 99.99% uptime over the last 10 years. We also have an automated domain name administration process to ensure that domain names within our administrative control do not expire.

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