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Google change their algorithm, ‘Farmer update’ affects 12% of websites

On 24th February Google announced new changes to their search engine algorithm codename ‘Panda’ (renamed the ‘farmer update’). These changes were developed to decrease the rankings for low quality websites and content farms.

These websites often have large quantities of repeated and un-useful content which is often copied from other websites or used to trick search engines into ranking them high.

These changes mean that higher quality websites (those with original content, containing research data, reports and thoughtful analysis) will be at the top of the rankings.

Unfortunately some high quality websites have found that traffic has decreased since the new algorithm rolled out. Google are working on refining their algorithm, but aren’t making changes on a case by case basis.

Throughout the year Google make up to 500 changes to their algorithm, although rarely announce that there have been alterations. The new algorithm has only been rolled out in the U.S. although they are looking to expand the algorithm to all locations in the near future.

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