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Going Above and Beyond with Unlimited Design Changes

Here's another post from our passionate service series, looking at how unlimited design changes mean our clients always get the best from their design.

Very little in life runs smoothly, and a web design project is no different from anything else. One of our project managers, Cat, was working with Ruth Skinner on her new website for her new bed and breakfast. Cat had put together a beautiful design, and they were very nearly ready to start work on the content layouts when Ruth got some bad news.

The planning permission for the bed and breakfast had been refused! Ruth had to go away and think of a new business plan. She decided to use her great location to open a pub. But this meant she needed a whole new website design to work for a pub, and there was no way the bed and breakfast design would work for her.

Now, at this point, some web design companies would say " Well, as we've nearly completed your project and we'll have to start again from scratch, that will be a whole new website." And charge accordingly. But because Ruth had come with us, and our web design packages always come with unlimited design chages, Cat was able to say "No Problem" and put together a completely different design for a new pub.

And what a lovely design it is! Take a look at the website here:


Ruth Skinner from The Sutton Plough had this to say about her Toolkit Experience:

"I think you provide a very well organised and structured service, infact you've thought of everything! It's all worked very smoothly and Cat has been great, so thank you!"