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Europe’s #1 Browser goes to.... Firefox!

So it has happened. Firefox is finally the dominant force in web browsers throughout Europe!
The young fox took its first steps on the big stage by releasing Firefox V1.0 on November 9th 2004. Internet Explorer, more commonly known as IE had been dominating the browser market for years. In fact up until 2003 – 2004 when IE released IE 5 and 6, Microsoft catered for a formidable 95% of users who browsed the World Wide Web.

Whilst IE has been in a steady decline, Firefox has been growing in popularity. The main reasons for this are due to its speed, features and abundance of available add-on extensions. Some standard features include a spell checker, download manager, customizable skins and live book marking just to name a few!

But one of the best features Firefox has to offer is its browser security. Unlike IE, which is widely known for its regularly exploited security flaws and loop holes. Firefox developers are constantly trying to address vulnerabilities and release patches when necessary.

So in December, the open-source Firefox stole the lead in the European market share by recording 38.1 percent while IE shares slipped to 37.5 percent. Another browser, Google Chrome saw shares rise to 14.6 percent from just 5.1 percent the year earlier. It is believed that Google Chrome is taking the shares from IE whilst Firefox is maintaining its stand in the market.
Globally, IE still remains the market leader, but it seems they are losing the strong grip they once had!

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