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Seasonal Design for Your Website

As you might have noticed, we've decorated our blog for the festive season! We're also in the process of putting the decorations up on our main website as well.

We've been working on some great seasonal headers and banner for our clients as well. If you'd like to dress up your website, we can create a seasonal graphic for just £74+VAT. You can then use this every year!

Have a look at our Seasonal Headers page for more details on decorating your business website.

Our website design elves have also created some Christmas Desktop Wallpapers as a little present for you.

Find out more about Toolkit Websites, Web Design in Southampton, Hampshire, UK and how they can help your business grow.
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New Facebook email for friends, but what about your business?

A few months ago we blogged that Facebook is already the second most visited website in the UK, second only to Google, and today we read that Facebook is looking to gain even more ground in the battle for web supremacy by launching a new email service, apparently known internally as its “Gmail killer”.
We can understand why people might be seeking an alternative to Gmail, with its slightly worrying reliability problems. However Mark Zuckerberg yesterday maintained that its ‘next generation messaging service’ would not directly compete with other email providers. Business analyst Augie Ray of Forrester Research elaborated that “Facebook isn’t interested in being a management or response tool for your flood of bills, email newsletters or other communications; instead, it’s about facilitating and enhancing your personal relationships... Once again, it reinforces [that] Facebook is for friends”.
So this new platform may be really useful for keeping up with your friends, but what about your business emails? Earlier we discussed just how important it is for a business to have a reliable email provider, citing that 49 percent of companies experience 1.6 hours of downtime per week, adding up to a total cost of £1 billion per year!
It’s vital that your business has constant and reliable email, so that you’ll never lose touch with your customers. That’s why we developed our business class email service, hosted on the most reliable servers we could find, providing an incredible 100% uptime over the last five years.
So if you want fully reliable email, ensuring clear communication between you and your customers, along with our proven and passionate customer service, just call us on 02380 633644!
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Hattie B tops Google!

After launching her website in July, Devon based shoe retailer Aprille James has already achieved an outstanding page 1 Google ranking!

Aprille’s site Hattie B, just goes to show that a little help can go a very long way - if want to replicate her search engine success, read on! First of all, Aprille sought the expertise of our professional copywriter Ben Locker. Ben has really helped to put her website on the map by writing interesting and professional sounding content. And with his years of industry trade, he is an expert in writing copy specifically designed to appeal to all the big search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Another important chapter of Hattie B’s success story is Google Analytics – Google Analytics is an extremely effective way of monitoring and tracking website traffic. Using analytics, Aprille is able to find out how people are reaching her website and observes visitor trends to work out how to make her site even better!

If you are interested in improving your site with exciting, professional copy or tracking your website visitors using Google Analytics , give us a call on 02380 633644 today.

Find out more about Toolkit Websites, Web Design in Southampton, Hampshire, UK and how they can help your business grow.

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UK Online Economy is Worth Billions

We keep a close eye on technology news here at Toolkit Websites, Southampton. So we were very interested in a story appearing on BBC News recently, that says that the UK online economy is 'worth billions'.

The story goes on to report that the internet contributes more to the UK economy that the construction, transport and utility sectors in findings from a study conducted by Google.

It would seem that the largest contributions come from online consumption, for example online shopping, and the money spent on internet connections. We're apparently also the world's leading nation in e-commerce usage. This would have been unthinkable even 10 years ago and shows how much UK attitudes to the online world have changed.

As a UK based web design company, we can certainly see the benefits of an online presence for our business clients. This is confirmed by the report, which says 'small businesses that actively use the internet report sales growth more than four times greater than that of less active companies.'

If you want a slice of this internet economy pie, have a chat to us here at Toolkit Websites. With over 800 clients we've got the experience to help your business make the most of your online presence. You can call us on 02380 633644.
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