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The Best Fonts for the Web

This week we thought that we would blog about a sometimes overlooked but exceptionally important element of web design - which font should you use?

We are huge fans of typography in the office and are always on the look out for cool new fonts to add to our repertoire. Check out our full list of fonts that we can use in the design of your website.

HOWEVER, just because there a loads of fonts out there, it doesn't mean that we should go out of our way to try and use all of them! In particular, when it comes to the more obscure fonts, a lot of these are sub-standard and only enjoy a widespread usage because they're free to download from certain websites.When we're designing websites, we need to take into account things like usability and accessibility, as well as how things look.

That is why we've done a bit of work to put together our top 5 fonts to use in the design of your website, as well as our top 5 web safe fonts that you can use in the content area of your website.

Check them out below!

Toolkit Websites Team's Top 5 Design Fonts

Toolkit Websites Team's Top 5 Web Safe Fonts

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