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Webkit Launch Party!

On Friday we had a party in the office to celebrate the launch of our new Webkit. This upgrade to the technology we use to build the front end of our websites has been long in the making – now it’s here we couldn’t be more excited!

Our support team is pleased as websites will load even faster. Search engines take this into account so we can now ensure our websites load as quickly as possible!

Clients now have many more new tools to add content to their website and our design team are also benefiting from a world of new possibilities such as drop down menus, static headers and sidebars per page. Our clients with new websites using this technology are thrilled with the design flexibility and speedy load times. Many of the new tools in the Webkit have been added due to feedback so thanks to our customers the new upgrade is a great success.

If you are interested in experiencing the new Webkit for your website, get in touch and we can discuss upgrading your website today!
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Toolkit Client Shows How Easy It Is To Use The Toolkit!

We've tried to make the Toolkit, (our content management system) as easy to use as possible. And we recently had some great proof of this when one of our long standing clients, Boyd Butler, of Kam Sports International popped us an email.

He's off on holiday for a bit, and so he created his own video guide on how to add video to a website using the Toolkit so his team could keep the website updated whilst he's away. We have to say that the quality of the video is amazing, and Boyd really shows just how easy it is to get videos on to a webpage using the Toolkit.

Have a look yourself here:

If you want to have a go at adding videos to your website, give our support team a call on 02380 633644, and they can talk you through it. As you can see from Boyd's video, it's really simple!

Boyd has made another video on how to edit text on a website using the Toolkit which you can check out on Screenr Thanks Boyd!

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Google Property Listings - Bad news for Estate Agents?

The BBC are reporting that Google are beginning to offer property listings integrated with their Google Maps service. You can access this by searching for a post code and then clicking on the "More" on the right, then selecting "Properties"

The new service should allow both estate agents and private sellers to list their property as part of one of the overlays on Google Maps. The BBC say it's bad news for estate agents, as it means sellers will be able to cut out the middle man and list directly on Google.

However, the service, branded "Google for Real Estate Professionals" really seems to be setup to help property businesses rather than individuals in our opinion. Sure, it won't stop some determined sellers using it, but the sophisticated tools will actually work in the favour of small estate agents who would not be able to normally afford expensive online listings.

The people who will be hardest hit are those who run websites like primelocation.co.uk and rightmove.co.uk who only allow estate agents to list properties.

If you're in the property world and want advice on how you can make the most of this new Google feature, give us a call on 02380 633644

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