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Your Business NEEDS a Facebook Fan Page

We read with interest earlier this month how Facebook, the social networking website, has taken over UK internet usage.

Facebook is the second most visited website in the UK and it accounts for more than half of all visits to social networking websites in the UK. The only website that gets more visitors is the Google homepage.
In fact 26 million people in the UK have a Facebook account- that's over 40%!
Which is why you really need a Facebook Fan page for your business. A Fan page is the Facebook endorsed way to market your business on Facebook. You can post photos, let your clients leave you reviews, add your contact details and generally build a sense of community with your customer base.
What's more, once it's all set up, you can put links to the page on your website and in your marketing emails, to encourage your clients to engage with you online.
Here's a video from our founder Marcus about how you can use a Facebook Fan page to market your business:

Of course, if you want some help setting up a Facebook Fan page for your business so you can reach 40% of the UK population, have a look at our Facebook Fan Page setup service or call our support team on 02380 633644