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How will real time search results affect SEO?

Twitter, Twitter, Twitter! It really is the buzz word at the moment, and Google have given small business owners one more thing to puzzle over by upgrading their search technology to include updates to Twitter pages into search results in real time.

Or in jargon free language:

You're a bakery in Southampton updating Twitter when your fresh bread comes out the oven.

Someone searches on Google for "fresh bread southampton" just after your update your twitter.

Because you've got the words "fresh bread southampton" in your Twitter update, or "tweet", your tweet will come up on the Google Updates search listings.

For topics that lots other people are tweeting about, tweets also display in the main search results as well.

So how can small business owners build on this?
Well it's all about reputation! Your tweets will appear higher in the search results if you have more reputation on Twitter. This elusive reputation is built by having followers who also have good reputations. Basically, if someone who is big on Twitter follows you, like Stephen Fry, your tweets will count for more.

Now you might not have the stars who live next door who you can ask to be your followers, but by carefully following and interacting with other Twitter users in your industry and your clients you can build your reputation, and get some of this SEO love.

Plus, Twitter is a great way to get to know your clients and build your community! We can help you get setup on Twitter, and integrate a Twitter widget on your website. For more information
have a look at our Twitter setup page:

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