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Going Above and Beyond with Domain Names

Great customer service is Toolkit Websites’ number one priority alongside producing great company websites for small business. So we're going to be introducing a regular blog post series of examples where our staff deliver our special brand of passionate customer support. We're proud of the level of service our staff provide and we want to share their good work behind the scenes with you.

Our staff aim to go the extra mile for our clients, especially when it comes to the tricky area of domain transfers, email and hosting.

As Jack, one of our technical support team, regularly encounters unscrupulous practices from other web designers. The most frequent issue is website companies registering the website address under their own name rather than in the name of the client. Jack says “These companies register the website address under their name so that they are the legal owner and if the client leaves they can charge a whooping great fee to release the website address.”

Toolkit Websites always register the website address in the clients name and we don’t charge a release fee if a clients moves. Although with a 98% retention rate, we don’t get many clients leaving!

Jack goes on to say “I recently came across one company that charged £100+VAT to release the website address to the client when it should have been their property in the first place! “
Normally this would have been the end of the matter and the client would have had to pay the ransom, but Jack knew better!

All Toolkit Websites’ staff are trained on the legalities of website registrations and the terms of service website design companies should adhere to. We also encourage staff to use their initiative and go the extra mile for our clients.

Now Jack knew that when domain hosts register domains using their details rather than using their client’s email, they are breaking the terms of service of Nominet, the UK domain name register. Domain names are considered assets of the company when they relate to the company name. Furthermore, all UK domain names must have a contact email address saved in their settings.

Jack alerted the domain host to this, and when they still refused to release the domain to the client, he went to Nominet, and for a tiny fee, got the domain name transferred into the ownership of the client. All legal, above board and for the client this saved them a lot of money, and meant they could use their existing domain name for their new website.

In our experience many website companies do not offer any help with domain transfers. They let the customer fend for themselves, trying to get their head round unfamiliar terms such as “a records” , “ip addresses” , “DNS” and “EPP keys” . At Toolkit Websites we take this headache away, so our clients can concentrate on running their businesses.

We don’t charge extra for helping our clients, whether it’s with a question about search engines, a website transfer or setting up their email on their computer, it’s all part of our service…

If your website design company aren't delivering passionate customer support for you, call us today on 02380 633644