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Your Business Website Could Generate Hundreds of New Enquries!

Having been in business as a website design company for over 10 years, we've worked with hundreds of clients to help them find the perfect business website design.

About 5 years ago we developed the standard contact form for the Toolkit, and put it on our website to test it. The great thing about the built in contact form is that every time some one fills it in, all the data gets stored in your Toolkit account.

So we thought we'd take a look at how many people have contacted our clients through the contact forms on their websites over the last 5 years. It turns out that over 100,000 people have used that little form to get in touch with our clients! That's a considerable boost in people making contact compared to just having your phone number and email on a website. Seems like people find using the contact form much more convenient than firing up their email or picking up the phone.

What's even better is that in those 5 years, we've refined the contact form to make it as easy as possible for all our clients to use. It now can be added to any page on a Toolkit powered website, and the details from completed forms are also emailed to the email address of your choice.

So if you're not using one of these forms on your Toolkit website, we want to say to you "Why Not?" Perhaps you too could be getting hundreds enquiries a year simply through your website!

Here's the easy step by step guide on how to add a contact form to any page on your Toolkit website:

We can also create bespoke forms for your website with extra fields to capture information relevant to your business. You might want a bespoke booking form, or a customer feedback form. Have a look at the Bespoke Forms page on our website for more details:

If you need any help adding a form to your website, please call our support team on 02380 633644, or drop us an email!

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