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Toolkit Websites in the Spotlight!

Last week our office in the centre of Southampton was transformed into a makeshift film set when we were visited by a film crew from Graduate Jobs South!

Our office was chosen to be in the spotlight for a Graduate Jobs South promotional video about the Internship Program that they offer to students and graduates all over the South Central region.

Recently we have all been reading and watching the headlines about it being tougher than ever for graduates all over the UK to find employment, with there being an average of 69 applicants for each graduate position that is advertised.

As a result of this extraordinary demand for graduate jobs, a lot of employers have upped their expectations when it comes to the skills and experience required in a graduate role, making it even harder for some graduates to get on the career ladder.

You can find out more about this issue in the News by reading either of the following recently published stories:

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One of the main difficulties for graduates is gaining skills and experience, as quite often this takes the form of unpaid work experience which many people simply can’t afford to take up as they leave university with ever increasing debts.

Graduate Jobs South is one of many organisations trying to combat this worrying trend and help graduates kick start their careers by running an Internship Program to help graduates gain valuable industry based experience whilst providing a salary.

This is something that Toolkit Websites has jumped at the chance of being involved with, and Graduate Jobs South selected us to showcase their Internship Program by interviewing our Managing Director Marcus and two members of our Support Team who came to join us through the internship.

Barnaby, who has since become a permanent member of the team, and Matt, who is completing an industrial placement during his degree, both loved their moment in the spotlight and couldn’t have been more positive about the experience they have both gained.

And the rest of the team also managed to get their dreams of stardom realised by participating in the video!

You can find out more about Graduate Jobs South and their Internship Program by clicking here.

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