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Apple Unveil New iPhone 4!

Image from www.mobilecrunch.comLast month we posted about the great benefits of choosing Business Class email over free mail services like Hotmail or Gmail.

This month there's even more reason for us to get excited, as Apple have just released the iPhone 4 - the latest member of their Smart Phone family. Since the introduction of the original iPhone in 2007, Apple has redefined the smartphone market and highlighted the benefits of having a device of such capability constantly by your side.

This revamped model is sure to be at the top of every gadget junkie's wishlist, and sports a new stainless steel case, an improved display, two cameras and to top it all it will be 24% thinner than previous versions. But is it all good news?

With the recent release of the iPhone 4, problems have been reported. These have focused on what many are calling an inherent fault with the aerial design, with reports from many users of dropped calls when the phone is held in a certain way.

All this talk has led Apple to call a press conference to discuss the iPhone 4, with speculation of how Apple will address the problem being the main talking point. The company had initially suggested users having problems could use its “Bumper” accessory to remedy the issue, though this has been widely criticised as unacceptable, considering the design of the device is seen to be at fault.

Media coverage of hardware problems aside, smartphones can be a great tool, particularly for small business owners. For example, here at Toolkit Websites , we offer IMAP email support, which will allow you to access your email from various smartphone models and will also sync with your mailbox so you don’t have read emails again when you get back to your computer.

If you have a smartphone that doesn’t have IMAP support, then we also offer access via toolkitmobile.co.uk. With access to your email at all times and in any location, you are sure not to miss important communications from existing customers or potential new clients.

Image from www.mobilecrunch.com