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Scrap the Splash Page!

When creating new websites for clients, we do not add splash pages. Splash pages are the animated intro pages that a visitor sees before they actually get to a website. We're think they look outdated design wise. In fact, they're a waste of time.

Here's why:

Most people will skip it anyway.

If there is a "Skip Intro" link, people click on it. They don't want to have to wait to see the actual content. Newfangled, a web development agency that work with marketing agencies have researched splash page usage and say that actually, 25% of visitors immediately leave a website if they say a splash page. Do you really want 1/4 of all the visitors to your website leaving before they find out what you really offer?

Slow Connection. No Website.
Whilst you might have snazzy broadband, your clients could still have dial up. And that beautiful piece of animation on the splash page will take so long to load on a dial up connection that they too give up on ever finding out about your content.

If It's So Important, Put It On The Homepage!
We understand you're passionate about your business and want to promote the brand you've created. We're passionate about our company too! But the best place for a great animated emotive introduction to your company is on the homepage surrounded by other relevant content.

They Don't Emulate the Navigation on the Rest of the Site.
The average user prefers a website where the navigation is consistent throughout. This means the menu bar, and site links stay in the same place no matter which page you're on, helping a visitor find their way around. A splash page usually has completely different navigation to the rest of the website, making it confusing to the visitor when they finally get to some real content.

Most Importantly - Search Engines HATE Them!
Search engine robots have got really clever in recent years. They now scan your actual website text and content to find out what your website is about and rank your website accordingly. But they're not advanced enough to be able to watch an animation. If your homepage consists of an animation and nothing else, there's nothing there for the search engines to rank. In fact, because they can't see anything on the page with the splash page, they may never look beyond it at all the text that's behind the splash page on the rest of the website.