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The Importance of Planning your Website’s Content

Here in the Toolkit Websites team we love working on exciting new designs and revel in all things visual. However, we also know that good website content is just as important, if not more important, than the design.

We know that when you’ve just purchased web design, navigation and content aren’t necessarily the first things to cross your mind, as Alex, our senior project manager explains:

“Sometimes when I first speak to clients they are really excited about their new website and have lots of great ideas for the design, but when it comes to website content it can be the complete opposite.

It’s important to remember that the primary purpose of a website is to convey information of some kind – imagine your website being like a newly built restaurant with a visually stunning interior. Then imagine sitting down to eat and finding that the menu is back to front and food is terrible. It’s very unlikely that you will want to visit again.

The same can happen on your website, so it’s crucial to think about what you want to primary purpose of your website to be and how you are going to display the information on it.”

Thinking through your website content early on can also really help to speed up the progress of your website build. Clients who come to us with their content already prepared can usually expect a really fast turnaround on their projects, although we appreciate that the thought of sitting down to write website content can be a daunting one.

This is why we’ve written some really helpful guides to help you plan your content, and give you some useful tips when you’re writing it up.

You can view guides on planning website content here:

Of course, if you are really having trouble putting your ideas down on paper or just can’t find the time to produce text for a 10 page website, then there is always the option of website copy writing.

They may be able to help you with your content in a number of ways, from writing the text for your whole website to making tweaks to something you’ve already written.

At Toolkit Websites we actually work with a great copywriter, who has helped many of our clients not only write their content, but also optimise it for the Search Engines.

If you would like to find out more about website copy writing, or anything else in this article, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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