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Microsoft Telling Users to Consider Other Browsers

Here at Toolkit Websites we have always advocated using Firefox as your primary web browser. Now it seems Microsoft is joining us. Millions of Microsoft users across Europe are going to be offered a choice of browsers.

This is part of Microsoft's ongoing legal case with the European Commission in which they were accused of abusing their position as market leaders by pre-bundling Internet Explorer with their operating systems.

Users will see a message giving them a choice of browsers if they currently have IE set as their default browser.

We heartily welcome this move! As web designers, we find Internet Explorer extremely troublesome as it's not very standards compliant, and some times displays elements of websites in very odd ways. So if you see the message from Microsoft asking you if you want to switch browsers, we advise - Go for Firefox! We use Firefox here in the office, day in and day out and it's faster and less buggy than Internet Explorer. Click on the button to download it. We think you'll thank us!

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