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How Long Does It Take to Get Ranked by Google?

The short answer? It depends! We've seen it happen in anything from 8 weeks to 8 months. Millions and millions of new websites go live every day, and it takes the search engines along time to notice a new one!

A new website is considered unpopular, because other websites do not link to it. That is if no other website links to your new website, Google usually will not index it. They may view it every now and again, but they won't include it in search results. This makes perfect sense for two reasons:

1. If nobody except you considers your website useful enough to link to, why should it be important enough to appear in search results?
2. Due to all the spam search engines have to shift through, many new sites will not appear in listings due to a probation period which can last 6 months, a year, or even longer. The only way out is through optimisation and reputation building.

Getting Up There.
As a small business, competing in in the marketplace, you have either be more original than your competitors or spend more on marketing than they do. You need to have high quality original material on your website, and spend time building your brand online.

Find out how competitive your chosen keywords are by searching for them. If the number of results is low, with lots of hard work you should be able to get listed in a couple of months.

If it's a high number, you're going to have to work even harder. As a brand new website owner, you need to see how old your competitors websites are. If they are years old, you're going to have to work at your SEO for a few years if you want to usurp them from that top spot because search engines rate older websites as being more authoritative and rank them more highly.

If the number one slots for your keywords are large corporations, you're not going to be able to outrank them with your new website, simply because they have so much more money to spend on SEO than you. Time to think about what's unique and special about your business, and get a new set of keywords.

We've put together a guide on how you can add your chosen keywords to as many different part of your website as possible using the Toolkit, and how to choose your keywords.

Get Links
It's really important to list your site in a few quality business directories, and add your website address to listings with trade organisations. This provide clean links that link back to your website helping to build credibility with the search engines. You can find links to business directories on our support site.

It's also worth doing a search for business directories in your business area, to see if there are directories that specialise in your sector. For example, we've registered with a number of directories having searched for "web design directories".

Get RegionalAs a UK business owner, you've already got one weapon in your arsenal when it comes to getting picked up on Google. You're not a US business! It's much easier to optimise your website and get ranked for keyword phrases that include a UK location. Get a Google Local listing, and link to your website from that too. You can add your business to Google Local here

So How Long Does It Take Again?
Like we said, no one knows for sure. But if you've optimised your website, got some good links from trade organisations and business directories, and ensured you've got local keywords in your website, we'd expect to see you appearing in the listings about 8 weeks after publication.

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