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Should you upgrade to Windows 7?

The tech world has been buzzing this week about the launch of Windows 7. Windows 7 is the latest version Microsoft's Windows operating system.

The previous version, Windows Vista, was considered to be full of bugs and not a good choice for a business user. Many businesses chose to stick with Windows XP.

However, Microsoft claim that Windows 7 has fixed many of the annoying problems of Vista and provides a much better operating system for businesses. For example, Windows 7 runs faster, and makes sharing files between computers easier.

If you are thinking of upgrading, you should use the free Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor from Microsoft to walk you through the process. Another way to get the operating system is to upgrade your hardware and buy a new laptop or desktop computer as the latest ones on the selves will come with Windows 7

David Coursey from PC World.com advises that small business stick with XP until they upgrade their hardware as in his opinion there is no easy way to migrate a computer that already uses XP to 7 . Toolkit Websites, Southampton are sticking with their XP machines for now.

He also suggests that if you are considering upgrading, waiting till Microsoft releases the first service pack would almost certainly be best. New operating systems can still have glitches in them, and Microsoft will release a service pack to fix these over time as the glitches are discovered.

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