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I Keep my Office in my Pocket

It is difficult to bump into the owner of an iphone who does not proceed to dazzle you with an array of apps at such velocity that you may need a park bench to perch on just to regain consciousness.

Well, this may not be limited to the iphone for very much longer. Nokia have struck a deal with Microsoft to convert Microsoft Office to all new Nokia phone devices. Microsoft have been seeking new ways to get their products out there and ensure they are accessible to the contemporary market. The idea is to integrate microsoft office programmes with forthcoming nokia mobile phones to rival the endless choice of apple apps that are dominating the mobile phone market.

So what does this mean for small businesses like us? Your office in the palm of your hand! You can sync your phone using Microsoft programmes such as “MyPhone” to transfer and back up and update your data on the move. You can store online copies which you can return to as and when needed, and work between office and home (if you really want to!)

Industry experts indicate that the mobile phone industry is moving ever closer to PC technology. Ensuring that new handsets can be used in the same way as palmtop computers in order keep up with the demand for work and play at our fingertips.

Apps which are already available to mobile phone business and personal users include Google Apps for Blackberry and Apple iphone apps. Toolkit Websites are not far behind in allowing clients to access their CMS and emails simply by logging into The Toolkit and Toolkit Mobile on iphone and blackberry, give it a go!

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